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  • Kong Color Manage Tool 1.2

    This is a Color table (Palette) manage tool a)open/save/view color table file(.kct, .aco, .act, .pal) b)pick color of any location in the
  • DL Manage 3.0

    Easily schedule and automate AD group membership changes with this command line tool If you ever need to add or remove users from security groups or
  • Manage Connections 1.3

    Manage Connections enables you to easily edit the database connections in an Excel workbook. It searches the workbook for ODBC data connections and
  • Manage Your Contacts 3.8

    So easy to use that you'll have virtually no learning curve, yet it it sports a variety of powerful features to help you truly manage your contact
  • Manage Invest 2007.5

    Manage Invest enables you to track, manage and control all of your investments, income and expenses for one or more portfolios. Every portfolio can
  • Manage My Fonts 1.0.2010

    The administrator or other user of a computer is using this software to install, activate or deactivate, delete and generally manage font files on
  • Manage PC Shutdown 1.0.200

    PC Shutdown Manager is a small but effective tool that can prove to be quite useful in automating the shutdown, restart, log off or hibernate
  • Manage PC Startup 1.0.0200

    Manage PC Startup is used for managing those programs that starts automatically on Windows startup. It displays the additional information for each
  • Manage AD Reports 9.12.01

    Assure an effective Active Directory management with AD Reports software. The AD Reports software is a comprehensive, feature-rich and output-driven
  • Manage My Kennel Pro 1.0

    Manage your kennel. Keep up with clients, dogs, cats, appointments. Keep notes and images, contact information and veterinarian contact
  • Manage Folder Now 1.6

    Manage Folder Now is useful program to manage your folders. It can hide some folders. You can jump from one folder to another passing the in between
  • Timer Manage 1.0

    Timer to logout,Shutdown and run define process,Support hot key and background running. Timer to logout,Shutdown and run define process,Support hot
  • Manage LinkList 1.1

    With Manage Link List you can send any links, if they are in the list, with only one click with the function "send URL". With this program you can add
  • Sys-Manage CopyRight2 2.0

    CopyRight2 lets you easily migrate network shares, files, folders, permissions, groups and user accounts (even with passwords) from source to
  • Manage My Paisa 3.1

    Entering your transactions in to Manage My Paisa is quick and painless through the user oriented interface. * Importing Statements that you have
  • Manage Your Videos 98 1.2a

    How to Save Redtube Videos? Manage Your Videos helps you organize and manage amovie Library of any size. The program automatically indexes each
  • Manage Web Workers 0.5

    Manage Web Workers is a very useful extension for Google Chrome. You can manage and block web workers on any
  • Manage Folders 1.0.3

    Firefox plug-in which places a "Manage Folder" item on the context menu of bookmark Folders. This opens the "Places Organizer" with the specific
  • Manage Active Directory 9.12.01

    Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting (CADMR) is a prominent and easy-to-use AD management tool that enables the administrator to generate
  • Asset Manage Enterprise

    Asset Management Software * Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses * Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own Barcode
  • Asset Manage Standard

    Asset Management Software * Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses * Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own Barcode
  • e-manage Communicator SMS Tools 2.0

    e-manage Communicator SMS Tools provide three simple tools for users. It allows you search such as find phone,address and reverse phone. Also allows
  • FormasaAuditor Vulnerability Manage 2.2

    FormasaAuditor Vulnerability Management is a highly secure, centrally managed security vulnerability platform that scans networks and Highlights
  • Manage Your Favorite Tweets 1.0.0

    Myft permits you to download your favorite tweets from Twitter in order to save them and organize them by categories. You can also get favorite
  • Manage Registry ActiveX Control 2.0

    Manage Registry ActiveX Control is an ActiveX registry control that gives developers easy and complete access to the power of registry programming.
  • Manage Active Directory Reports 9.12.01

    Active Directory Reports Management software is splendid Active Directory Management software, which facilitates the administrator to perform domain
  • Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manage 1.0.0

    USB flash drives are compact and easy-to-use devices that are similar in use to your computer hard drive. USB flash drives slip into your pocket,
  • Manage Files (File Splitter) 1.0

    Manage Files lets you split any type of files or merge multiple files. You may Split Files to transport it to another computer or store on storage
  • Accurate Permanent Link Marketing Manage 1.1

    Buying backlinks is best way to raise rating and improve site organic search which brings narrow customers. This one-way links program makes
  • Excel Manage Named Ranges Software 7.0

    Add, delete edit multiple named ranges in MS Excel files. Excel 2000 or higher
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  • MySQL Manager

    Access and manage your databases with this tool. Access and manage your databases with this tool. Mysql manager is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help you manage Mysql servers and
  • Dokeos 1.6.2

    The Open Source elearning and course management web application Dokeos is helping more than 1000 organisations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities. It is translated in 34 languages as well as it
  • Movie Thumbs 0.43

    This tools can view and manage different video clips play lists. One of the key features of this tool is the ability to create animated gifs thumbnails from movies and to use these gifs as the Movie thumbnail. This
  • Startup Edit 0.2

    manage your startup programs with this tool. manage your startup programs with this tool. Startup Edit is an easy to use, fully working program designed to enable you to control what should and should not load
  • Domain Administration Tool 3.20

    The Domain Administration tool is a Windows system tool you can use to manage security, servers, networks and workstations. With the Domain Administration tool you can: - Select the domain or domains to be administered
  • Virtual CD Manager 1.1

    manage, burn, open your CD/DVD images files manage your lots of image files of CD/DVD (*.ISO) with database, and can open them like in a physical CD-ROM ,write memo,search etc, it's very easy! and you can burn them
  • Remote Tools Manager 2.0

    Remote tools manager allows you to make remote tool client agent setting as you set.You can overcome the limitation.It is a powerfull remote manage tool.Monitor the Remote SMS client and manage the
  • SVNManager 1.0.6

    SVNmanager is a PHP web based tool to administer a Apache Subversion repository server. With this tool you can remotely: * Create, remove, load and dump repositories * manage user accounts for access to the
  • DBmjui 0.1.2

    manage multiple SAPDB instances with the help of this tool. manage multiple SAPDB instances with the help of this tool. DBmjui is a handy, easy to use GUI written in Java one can use to manage multiple SAPDB
  • Nails 123 System

    Nails 123 System is a very popular system that has been used by Nails Salons and Day Spa. Nails 123 System has been designed with many great features to fit all operations of Nails Salon and Day Spa. Features: manage
  • Wolf MD5 Manager -

    A document MD5 manage tool,Can get file or text MD5 value,file's MD5 and attribute pigeonhole
  • CRM Reservations 2.2.2

    manage CRM, reservations, inventory, bills and accounting. Features - Try the demo for free! - Buy one license, install on 3 computers - Works on any computer with Windows XP or newer and .NET Framework 4.0 -
  • SQL Job Manager 1.1 Build 2930.

    View and manage sql Server Jobs. View and manage sql Server Jobs. sql job manager is a tool for managing sql agent jobs across the enterprise. With the help of sql Job manager you'll be able to quickly schedule tasks
  • Recurring Deadlines Tracker 1.0

    Recurring Deadlines Tracker is a powerful tool to manage your repeating activities and events. This tool helps you to achieve the best task planning for creating daily, weekly, monthly schedules and even more. It lets
  • VersaCheck Gold 2012 10.2.10

    VersaCheck Gold is a powerful financial tool that can help you manage your accounts, track accounts and transactions, and write, send and receive checks. This multi-featured program will help you save time and money, and
  • NexusFont 2 RC 1

    NexusFont 2 RC is tool to manage fonts in Windows operating system. Sometimes you need to collect some fonts of similar style. This tool will help you in this activity. You can manage files of font efficiently by using
  • eTarget 2.1

    eTarget is a high-performance e-mailing tool to manage your e-mailing and newsletter campaigns in total Simplicity.manage unsubscribe operations (100% automatic),and observe the Impact of your campaign with the Reports
  • IXfer

    Connect your iPhone via USB to your PC and you iXfer will give you the tools to manage your contacts and your files - currently. iXfer is a self developed progam, no comercial tool. Everybody has the right to customize
  • Schedule Genie 2.0

    Schedule Genie is the perfect tool to help manage and organize your busy schedule Schedule Genie is the perfect tool to help manage and organize your busy schedule. With the help of Schedule Genie you will be able to
  • Portable ToDoList 6.4.8

    Create and manage task lists with this tool. Create and manage task lists with this tool. Portable ToDoList is the portable version of ToDoList developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable
  • WSE Settings Tool for Visual Studio .NET 1

    The web Services Enhancements Settings tool is used to manage WSE application settings from within Visual Studio .NET. This tool is unsupported. This tool works with WSE 1.0
  • Network Monitoring Software 1.44

    manage your network with a free Network Monitoring Software application. An organized way to manage your network. 100% web-based network management. manage your network devices with ease. 100% Free Network Managment
  • RLA Application Organize -

    If you have too many windows application installed and also with different versions of the same software. It becomes difficult to manage or organize them, if you are using them regularly on day-today basis.
  • Successful Mind 2.0.1

    Idea visualization tool for mind mapping and Strategy Ideas design. Helps to define concepts, set up goals, manage realization in Visual Friendly Mode with Drag'N'Drop. Many predefined templates for Mind Maps and
  • Cinematic Collection Viewer

    Cinematic Collection Viewer - A small tool that will allow you to manage your CD collection.The Cinematic Collection Viewer application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to manage your CD collection.
  • AP Manager II 2.1

    AP manager II helps you manage the configuration of your wireless network from a central computer. With this convenient software tool you can update the firmware, configure AP settings, and organize and sort your APs
  • Fieldnotes Editor 0.51

    Edit and manage ethnographic fieldnotes Edit and manage ethnographic fieldnotes with this tool. Fieldnotes Editor is a Java based, easy to use application designed to enable you to edit and manage ethnographic
  • Active Directory Tool 9.12.01

    Active Directory Reporting tool is effective, impeccable, comprehensive, and output-driven software specially designed to manage Active Directory in easiest manner. Multiple Active Directory features such as query Active
  • IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter 4.0

    IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter is very useful tool to manage your business situations. It can manage the data and analyze it in real-time. Other tools display the statistics but they are not interactive. This tool will
  • Relationship Tracker 1.5

    Relationship Tracker is not a tool to find someone, rather, it is a tool to help us manage the ones we have found either through an online service, personal friend, or even a chance encounter on in the local market. The