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  • Convert MS SQL Database to MySQL Database Program 5.0.1

    MSSQL to MySQL database conversion software convert bulk MSSQL database files tables into MySQL format.. Software supports all data types or
  • Physis DataBase Database Export Utility

    Physis Database Export Utility is to make your work with databases more efficient and even enjoyable. It converts Unlimited Databases, including
  • Go-Go Database 1.203

    Go-Go Database is a fully functional database application that you can rapidly and easily adapt to your needs without any programming at all. You can
  • m9P Database 1.2

    m9P Database is a professional database builder and manager for home and business. While being easy-to-use, the product is powerful and capable of
  • Database VE 7.1

    Easily open, view, query and edit Microsoft Access database (mdb) files. Copy and paste data into other programs! Import csv and export XML. A great
  • Database .NET 2.0 3.2

    Database .NET is an intuitive database management tool for multi-database. Automatically: Create/Shrink/Protect Database, Syntax Highlighting,
  • Database .NET 9.0.4971

    The key features of handy software tool Database .NET is as follow: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use; it supports Access,
  • CE Database 2.0

    CE Database 2.0 is designed as a useful tool which can help you easily create folders and .rtf files according to date. It promotes the efficiency of
  • DVD Database 0.81

    Database to manage your movies easy. Program has multilanguage support English (EN), Greek (GR), Deutsch (DE), Suomeksi (FI), Svenska (SV), Francais
  • KB MP3 Database 1.03

    Now you can quickly search valid MP3 songs of your disks by using inclusive MP3 Database software. It displays the searched files in database and
  • Database .NET v3 5.6.4363

    Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, It makes Local and Remote database administration easier
  • AFB-Database 1.0.0

    AFB-Database is ideal for any database server on windows. AFB-Database can backup mysql/ ms-sql /oracel /informix and so on. AFB-Database can backup
  • MP3 Database 0.8.1

    MP3-Database is a tool to organize your MP3 collection. If you insert a CD with MP3 files in your CDROM drive, MP3DB can read all ID3 tags of the MP3
  • DataBase X-ray 1.0

    Database X-Ray (DBX) is a powerful document tool for improving the quality of database design.. The main functionality is to validate the database
  • FAQ Database 1.0

    Includes searchable fields. Supports importing and exporting. Prints entire database or selected records. Records dates, updates, status, questions,
  • Brilliant Database 1.15

    We live during the Age of Information. And everyday we get more and more of it. In order to manage it effectively, to separate necessary information
  • GYZ Personal Database 1.1.1

    GYZ Personal Database is a personal information manager specialized in storing information with custom-defined templates. Users can define their own
  • Database Workshop 5.56

    Database Workshop is a professional multifunctional tool for working with databases and database objects. It uses the modern plug-in module technology
  • SRM Church Database 1.0

    This new program is attractive and easy to use, but comprehensive and full featured. In addition to quickly recording and updating church membership,
  • Database Tour

    It is a convenient and powerful database program, which includes different db utilities and tools like SQL tool, reporting tool, data converting,
  • Database Assistant 4.1

    The Markosoft Database Assistant is an all-in-one database access tool for use in viewing and editing data from virtually every major type of database
  • CD Database Expert 5.95

    If you have a large collection of CDs and DVDs, you should have a good way of managing it. When you make use of CD Database Expert, you will be able
  • Absolute Database 7.30

    Single file Delphi database is a great BDE alternative and is fully compatible with standard and third-party database components and reporting
  • Database Comparer VCL

    The Database Comparer VCL (DBC VCL) compares and synchronizes databases structure (metadata) and table data for many popular databases. Currently
  • CDB Database Comparator 5.0

    Cross-Database Comparator Pro is the industry standard tool for comparing and synchronizing the contents of two databases. With Cross-Database
  • Database Architect 2.0

    You can generate the database by defining database tables, fields, and references. When software developer works with Database Architect for
  • Brilliant Database SDK 5.1

    Brilliant Database SDK is a program that enables you to create a database without having any special knowledge or skills, and to compile it into an
  • MSN Names Database 1.0

    The Nicknames Database for MSN Messenger contains screennames for use in MSN Messenger. The MSN Names in the database are categorized for easy access
  • Database Convert 7.3.15

    This database software enables you to easily and quickly transfer data between various database formats in 3 steps without writing scripts. It can
  • ASP MDB/DBF database converter 2.0

    ASP recordset converter is a library for converting DAO or ADO recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary database export of MDB or DBF
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  • Designa Database 1.0

    Now everyone can easily create professional looking database solutions by using incredible database development tool Designa database. It has user friendly interface and does not require any programming knowledge for
  • DBIx-FullTextSearch 0.73

    DBIx::FullTextSearch uses a Mysql database backend to index files, web documents and database fields. It has support for boolean (AND/OR) queries, stop words and
  • DITrack 0.8

    DITrack is a free, open source, lightweight, distributed issue (bug, defect, ticket) tracking system. It is implemented in Python and runs in UNIX (*BSD, Linux, MacOS X) and Windows environment, though support for the
  • Hailstone ODS 2.2.1

    Does your application need a database backend? Not a database expert? Fed up with writing tedious data access code? ODS is aimed at Microsoft .NET Developers who need a database backend for their application,
  • IC Studio 1.2.0

    IC Studio is an inclusive and helpful utility intended especially to help Oracle database application developers and DBAs to be more dynamic when working with database as they design, develop, test and support any
  • cups-bjnp 0.5.4

    CUPS backend for the canon printers using the proprietary USB Over IP BJNP protocol. This backend allows Cups to print over the network to a Canon printer. It Currently suuports Cups 1.2 and Cups 1.3 It is designed by
  • PostGIS Script 1.5.1

    PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the Postgresql object-Relational database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the Postgresql server, allowing it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic
  • PHP-SNMP Network Analyzer 1.2.5

    A PHP script that uses SNMP and various network probes to create a PaGE that displays the status of machines on a LAN or WAN, has a Mysql backend database, and a complete admin
  • QUAD Help Desk Client Server 2006

    Our newest generic customer support program, QUAD Help Desk Client Server Edition 2006?? , provides yet another option for organizations that want a QUick And Dirty solution for recording, updating and reporting on
  • TuxBox ISPWorks 0.7

    TuxBox ISPWorks is a complete administration system for Internet Service Providers. It handles mail, web, FTP, dns and more through a sql backend. The various daemons pull their data then of this database. It is
  • Household Expense Sharing 1.2

    Household Expense Sharing is a web based software to share expenses in a household for 2 persons written in PHP with a Mysql backend
  • PHP Streamcast -

    PHP Streamcast is a front end for a version of streamcast (called stream-db) that will use a database as a backend for playlists and queues, instead of the current Perl data
  • Java Book Catologging System 1.002

    The purpose of this software is primarily to create a Book Catalog using Barcode data from the freely avaliable cuecat(tm) bar code Reader. It will use a rdms backend database, and allow synchronization between
  • AMIDI-Plug 0.7

    AMIDI-Plug is a MIDI subsystem for XMMS/BMP/Audacious. It processes MIDI files and sends their events to one of the available backends (Currently ALSA, FluidSynth, dummy). With the ALSA backend, any hardware or
  • SolidState 0.5.50

    SolidState is a web-based Customer Management and Billing solution designed for web hosting providers, particularly hosting resellers. It is developed in PHP, uses Mysql as the backend database,and is licensed under the
  • BIGACE 3.0

    BIGACE Web CMS is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own Website within minutes.Its powerful backend puts you in full control of the layout, service and content of your Pages.
  • GNU Hosting Helper 2.05

    GNU Hosting Helper is a web hosting management package. It is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License) Agreement. This package provides tools to manage many of the aspects of a hosting environment. It also
  • Boss Ogg 0.13.6

    A server based music (ogg/mp3/FLAC) player. Written in Python/C, uses sqlite for a database backend, and xml-rpc for client/server communication. Released clients are for PHP, sdl and
  • SSW Performance PRO 97 9.94

    SSW Performance PRO! Is olates performance bottle-necks in your Access 97,. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews sql statements. It reports exactly what to fix to Improve the the speed of your
  • SSW Performance PRO 2000 9.94

    SSW Performance PRO! Is olates performance bottle-necks in your Access 2002/2003/2007. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews sql statements. It reports exactly what to fix to Improve the the speed of
  • RankIt! 0.01

    RANKIT! is a piece of software written in perl, PHP, and using Postgresql as the database backend. It is designed to help you create a ranking system for your picture galleries as well as a way to
  • DbWeigher 3.3

    The DbWeigher is the software for developers using MS Access database as database backend. With the help of this program you can compare the structures of Microsoft Access databases. It is useful if you want to find
  • CuteProxy 1.0 Beta

    CuteProxy is an advanced proxy server finder. It can get hundreds of pre-verified working proxies from CuteToolBox's backend service within a minute. And then user can verify them and sorting them based on proxy speed,
  • TYPO3 Workbench 0.6.5

    Based on our first "Add-on" experience with "TYPO3 backend" we had the idea to add more comfort to the every day work with TYPO3 an Firefox. So we added some desired moduls and called it "TYPO3 Workbench". So these
  • PHP Log Analyzer -

    PHP based log analyzer using Mysql as a backend database store. 100% PHP based to avoid mod_perl requirements. Uses gd for generating graphs. I just Now discovered another PHP Log Analyzer by the same name, but I
  • SolidState Billing 0.5.50

    SolidState Billing is a web-based Customer Management and Billing solution designed for web hosting providers, particularly hosting resellers. It is developed in PHP, uses Mysql as the backend database, and is licensed
  • QuarkPlayer 0.2.5

    QuarkPlayer is a multimedia (audio and video) player based on Qt/Phonon. QuarkPlayer is multiplatform, fast, simple and plugin based. Features Yet another media player, see Rationales Default Phonon backend is
  • Mass posting -

    This is a backend manager performing mass posting to group(s) of e-mail addresses. The data archival relies upon Mysql database management. E-mail can be also Posted with an arbitrary number of attachments. The
  • GAzie 5.7

    Multicompany finance application written in PHP using a Mysql database backend for small to medium enterprise. It lets you write Invoices, manage stock, manage orders , accounting, etc. Send tax Receipt to electronic
  • MDB2SQL Data Migration 2.9.85

    MDB2sql automatically converts Microsoft Access database to Microsoft sql Server database by restructuring all tables, relations and then transferring all data without the need to rewrite your existing code. In