sql 2000 developer edition

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  • Developer Resources for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition 1.0

    Develop for the newest edition of Windows Mobile software. Windows Mobile 2003 Second edition offers new screen orientations and resolutions, including landscape, square and VGA support for Pocket PC and QVGA support for
  • Total Recorder Developer Edition 8.3

    Total Recorder developer edition is an edition of Total Recorder that allows you to integrate the audio and video capabilities of Total Recorder (such as recording, editing, converting, and playing of media data) with
  • Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition -

    The key features of Visual Basic 2008 Express edition are these: it has built-in designer as well as capable of creating data-enabled applications by using lightweight sql Server Compact; it contains C4F developer
  • Visual C# 2008 Express Edition -

    The key features of express edition of Visual C# 2008 are as follow: it is very easy to use and learn as well; it is compatible with Windows Vista with 2.4 GHz CPU and 768 MB RAM it requires minimum 1.6 GHz CPU as well
  • Absolute Beginner's Series VWD VB Lesson 9 1.0

    This video series is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of how to create dynamic Web applications using ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web developer Express edition with the Visual
  • iSetDB Personal Edition 3.2

    If you remember the pain of administering MS sql Server database, you already know that it???s something you don???t want to do every day. Or, you want your highly qualified engineers to focus on more important things,
  • Klik CompareLib(Developer Edition) 1.2

    Klik! CompareLib v1.2 for MSAccess developer edition is a set of classes which are used to compare and synchronize the structural differences in MSAccess 97/2000/XP/2003 databases. The classes are the same engine behind
  • InterBase 2007 Server for Windows -

    InterBase 2007 Server for Windows is the server application that mostly liked by the small and medium enterprises. It facilitates you with Journal and Journaling archiving, Write Ahead Logging Technology, disaster
  • Federal Ammunition 2012.0

    As a supplement to the Online Ammunition and Ballistics Catalog developer have included the Interactive version for download. The 2012 edition of this award winning software package is a quick and free download; for use
  • PDF Compress 2.02

    Reduce the actual size of PDF files by compressing font, text and graphics. Compressed PDF files can be opened and viewed by Adobe Acrobat Reader all versions without any issue. The compression ratio is extremely high
  • Security Release ISO Image February 2010 KB913086

    This DVD5 ISO image file contains the security updates for Windows released on Windows Update on February 9th, 2010. The image does not contain security updates for other Microsoft products. This DVD5 ISO image is
  • Windows XP/2000/NT Key Enterprise Edition 3.80

    Windows XP/2000/NT Key Enterprise edition is an easy to use program to reset Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 secure boot options. Locked out of your server? Forgot Administrator password to the
  • PDF Info 2.02

    View and modify the summary and document properties as well as hidden information stored in the header part of any PDF files. With PDF Info, users can easily view and change PDF document properties, including author,
  • Flash Intro Builder 7.1

    Flash4D Ultimate edition is a useful, easy and powerful Windows application that enables you to create Flash website intros and add them to your website. Its step-by-step approach will help you create a professional
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Server Tools 3.1

    Microsoft sql Server 2005 Compact edition (sql Server 2005 Compact edition) is the compact database for rapidly developing applications in native mode or with .NET Compact Framework or with .Net Framework and that extend
  • VPM Standard 9.0.400

    Because every Visual FoxPro developer deserves Visual ProMatrix, we are providing VPM Standard edition for free. With VPM Standard and VFP, you can create database applications in hours that would take you months to
  • Baseball Edition 2000 demo b

    Baseball edition 2000 demo b allows you to create your own players and try to help your favorite team win the World Series. Baseball edition 2000 is a 3D baseball game that uses a new generation of 3D technology with
  • SCJD 6 Certification Training Lab 1.0

    This software book delivers complete study material for the following exams to achieve Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6 developer certification. Java Standard edition 6 developer Certified Master Downloadable Project
  • PDF Encrypt & Decrypt 5.0

    Protect your PDF files with passwords and prevent PDF files from being printed, changed, copied, extracted, signed, filled, assembled and/or merged. To decrypt PDF won't be difficult with this utility. Supported PDF
  • PDF Split & Merge 3.20

    Split PDF file into multiple parts, extract specific pages from PDF file, and combine two or merge more PDF files into one. Supported PDF Versions: PDF version 1.0 (Adobe Acrobat 1.x) PDF version 1.1 (Adobe
  • Security Release ISO Image April 2010 KB913086

    This DVD5 ISO image file contains the security updates for Windows released on Windows Update on April 13th, 2010. April 2010 Security and Critical Releases ISO Image does not contain security updates for any other
  • Altova MissionKit for Professional XML Developers 2010 1.0

    lFor the professional XML developer who needs sophisticated XML development, data integration, and XSLT stylesheet design capabilities. The Altova MissionKit for Professional XML developers suite includes: * XMLSpy
  • Visual Web Developer 2008 Express -

    Visual Web developer 2008 Express edition is an easy to use and easy to learn program that allows everyone, from the novice to the professional developer, to create ASP. It provides you with a streamlined development
  • Sharepoint 2010 Developer Training Kit 1.0

    The SharePoint 2010 developer Training Kit provides developers with deep guidance on how to develop for SharePoint 2010. Through PowerPoint Decks, Hands-On Labs, Source Code, and Instructor-Led Videos, the developer kit
  • InterBase 2007 Developer for Linux -

    The powerful, embeddable database New InterBase?? 2007 combines performance benefits of a multi-generational architecture with peace of mind of log-based journaling and disaster recovery. Easy installation, small
  • InterBase 2007 Server for Linux -

    The powerful, embeddable database New InterBase?? 2007 combines performance benefits of a multi-generational architecture with peace of mind of log-based journaling and disaster recovery. Easy installation, small
  • FSClouds 2000 1.1

    FSClouds 2000 is the latest edition of the FSClouds series and had been COMPLETELY redesigned from the ground up to work exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.Fly through practically unlimited skyscapes using
  • Web Developer for Chrome 0.3.1

    The Web developer extension adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the popular Web developer extension for Firefox written by the same person.Design Interwebs
  • PDF Filler 3.11

    PDF Filler enables you to fill out interactive PDF forms without the need for Adobe Acrobat. You can fill PDF forms with any field type; fill in text, make choice, select items, answer yes or no etc. In the process of
  • RAD Developer IDE 1.2

    RAD developer is an integrated development environment (including a fast and easy to use built in debugger) for your PowerBASIC compiler. With the RAD developer IDE you can develop your applications faster and more